Attack Synthesis and Separation with Enhanced Threat Recognition.


The overwhelming task of analysing cyber alerts often adds hours- if not days- of delay for action. ASSERT is a system developed to process a large volume of malicious intrusion alerts and generates attack models that summarizes the unique cyberattack behaviors for triaging in-depth analysis. The reduction of volume of information brings focus to critical and ongoing attack behaviors that is meant to help security analysts. The project was a culminating research and development effort beginning in 2015 with the most recent version beginning its development in 2019.


To give you more insight, we have a visual instruction-set to guide you on how to use ASSERT with sample data that we provide. This will enable you to eventually load your own data and use this tool for your own personal use.

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ASSERT is now open source! To download code and be able to help improve this software, the link below will take you to the public git repository.

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You can reach out to us at with your questions or type in your message below and we'll ensure you have no issues getting ASSERT up and running!.